76 Fake Love Quotes and Fake Love Sayings

Looking for fake love quotes? Then you are in the right place. You will love this collection of quotes that we have shared below. There is selflessness in true love and if you think that’s not present in your relationship, it might be time to let go. Another sign of fake love is when a person lies in your face without feeling any type of remorse at all. Fake love is short-tempered as well.

Fake Love Quotes and Fake Love Sayings

1. “Love struck me down again, enticed me in, and pulled the pin, blew my tender heart sky high. Now in my pain, I’m asking why.” – Vixen

2. No one forced you to love me, so why did you need to pretend? Your lies have left me heartbroken. – Shami Paulin

3. “Loving you was like going to war; I never came back the same.” — Warsan Shire

4. If you’re successful, you’ll have fake friends and real enemies, be successful despite it!

5. The notion of traitors has long been resolved. Betrayal is the most despicable act. Kill can be out of revenge, anger, the capture of starvation and distress, or betray their husbands only by the treachery of the heart.

6. Sometimes you need to run away just to see who will come after you.

7. I love you and it is for real. I don’t care about how others categorize my love for you. – Andrew Bolt

8. And all the loneliness, anger, hatred, jealousy, and aching that exists, if all gathered in one experience and compared with the lowest moment of joy that at least feels paradise, would have no difficulty at all. Evil cannot succeed in staying evil as well as good.

9. “She doesn’t love me like she says she loves. Believe Me.” – Drake

10. Money makes the world and your family turn. – Omar Hickman

Love Quotes For Fake Love

11. If I doubt your intentions, I will never trust your actions. – Carlos Wallace

12. I never fell in love with her. It was all damn fake. – John Lewis

13. “You can’t always go by actions because some people will act like they love you just to get what they want from you.” – Sonya Parker

14. One should beware of infringement on another being, animal or human, and this should be done with insufficient forgiveness, repentance, crying, and low, unnecessary, and redundant. You should know that your fake love does not change anything.

15. In disagreements with people, your love always takes the current situation. Do not pull things from the past.

Fake Love Quotes and Sayings With Images

Fake Love Quotes and Sayings With Images

16. People are so fake. – Unknown

17. “Just like seasons, people also change. But the difference is, once gone, seasons come back.” – Himanshu Chhabra

18. You should kill the past with each passing day it goes out. Delete it so that it does not hurt.

19. “You make me feel like a firefly. Trapped in a bell jar; starved for love.” ― Ayushee Ghoshal

20. How come it has to be the one person you love the most, is also the one person who can hurt you the most?

21. Ironically, the people who ignore you now will somehow need you later.

22. The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made. – Groucho Marx

23. All it takes is a beautiful fake smile to hide an injured soul, and they will never notice how broken you are.

24. “You were just a chapter that I would never again love to read in my life.” ―Unknown

Relationship Broken Heart Quotes

25. “If you look for monetary benefits in love, then you are just another fake lover.” ―Unknown

26. Relationships should be real and one must know how to identify his or her relationship. – Neil Gorsuch

27. some people come into your life pretending that they love you only because they need you.

28. You can tell so much about a person by how they leave you.

29. “My heart doesn’t want to believe what you have done but it is the truth and I have to accept it”

30. “The magic of first love is our ignorance that it can ever end.” – Benjamin Disraeli

31. Many of us believe that when we give love, we are getting the love back, but sometimes it’s just an illusion of what we gave them. – Akash B Chandran

32. “You shattered the remainder of my heart, yet you expect me to be okay with it day after day.” – Ahmed Mostafa

Ultimate Fake Love Quotes And Love Picture Quotes

Ultimate Fake Love Quotes And Love Picture Quotes

33. Be all in or get all out. There is no halfway.

34. A fake lover stops loving and caring from the day he knows he’ll never get her…

35. Real love you feel it, you show it! But fake love is just words. Fake people have an image to maintain. Real people just don’t care. I haven’t met Mr. Right yet, but I have met Mr. Fake, Mr. Rude, and Mr. Asshole. – Mansi Dangra

Cute Love Quotes for Fake

36. “You can’t hurt someone you love.. and that’s how I now know you truly never loved me.” – Jarod Kintz

37. ‘Being single no matter how bad is still better than a fake relationship.” – Terry Mark

38. In scary movies, parents always say, “It’s not real hun.” They should’ve said the same for love movies. – Dasy Ronald

39. The emotional life of faithfulness is the same thing as rigidity in the spiritual life – simply a confession of failure.

40. “Our story was a lie. Your love was fake. Everything you did was fake! How do I move on now?” – Lauren Levine

41. “People wear masks of lies so that they look attractive, so be careful.” – Muhammad Saqib

42. Never trust anyone who speaks well of everybody.

43. If you want to help your friends when they need it, don’t prove that you are better at jobs that they have already failed.

44. People. Falling for each others’ pretensions, fakeness, and whatever various faces they can put on to wear. And then they call it love. What a fantasy. What a blasphemy. Humanity bores me. – C. JoyBell C.

45. I don’t regret my past. I just regret the time I’ve wasted with the wrong people.

46. When you hate someone, then in his character you hate something that is ingrained in yourself.

Deep Fake Love Quotes

47. Real love is blind. Fake love, you’ll see right through it. – Unknown

48. We have little imagination for the pain that we inflict on others.

49. “It’s amazing how someone can break your heart and you can still love them with all the little pieces.” – Ella Harper

50. One day you’ll realize some of the sweetest words could be the biggest lies.

51. Sex won’t make him love you. A guy can love your sex and still not love you. – Sonya Parker

52. Real recognizes real. Fakes flock together.

53. I’m starting to wonder if you ever really cared. – Unknown

54. “Every day thousands of breakups occur. The reason behind them is simple. One of them is not a real lover of another.” – Johann Livens

55. I don’t hate you. I’m just disappointed. – Zakiya And Sajid

56. I miss the old you. The one that cared about me.

57. Try to not be killed and pray for healing, but be a killer and pray for forgiveness. – Marouane Lasafar

58. Never say I love you if you don’t mean it. Never talk about feelings if they aren’t there. Never touch a life if you mean to break a heart. Never look someone in the eye if all you do is lie.

59. You can lose friends in two ways: Lend them money and make their portrait.

Fake Love Everywhere Quotes

60. “Please calm yourself down. Yes! Your lover was a faker. Forget him.” – Jane Austen

61. “People use you for fulfilling their desires and when they are bored, they simply leave you in the lurch. That’s the norm in today’s world.” ―Unknown

62. Real love you feel it, you show it! But fake love is just words. Fake people have an image to maintain. Real people just don’t care. I haven’t met Mr. Right yet, but I have met Mr. Fake, Mr. Rude, and Mr. asshole.

63. Hollywood is fake, but then comedy is this little carve-out of sincerity. I love it. I get to be funny and do this.

64. I constantly find myself caring for those who don’t give a damn about me.

65. Bad friends will do anything to distort the picture of you when you are not there, but when you are with them you will not hear anything bad about yourself, but about their other friends.

66. “People come and go, life is unpredictable, same is love, and you never know if the relationship you trust is fake or true.” ―Unknown

67. I’m not perfect but at least I’m not fake.

68. I love listening to fake words when I know the truth.

69. One should have the ability to distinguish between real and fake. Specially Real and Fake Love. – George Femtom

Deep Quotes About Fake Love

70. A man is not himself when he talks about himself. He will tell the truth if you give him a mask.

71. “I can’t believe someone can fake their love to just enter somebody’s life”

72. You said you would love me forever, you lied. You never loved me. – Unknown

73. The friend is the man who has the same enemies as you.

74. Fake lovers should be punished badly. – Logan Watts

75. I have a woman who teaches me what love is every day. Maybe that sentiment is possible to fake, but for me, it’s true.

76. She fell apart in front of me. Just like that.

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