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Inspiring quotes about choices that change your life

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Happiness is a choice. You may choose the content. The decisions we create impact the life we lead. Make the best decisions everyday and you can lead a meaningful life true to who you deserve to be. Be courageous and daring in your choices. the perfect 45 Motivational quotes about choices that create life decisions.

Choices Quotes

Reading and sharing choice quotes about life could improve our ability to make good decisions and increase our chances of success and happiness.

  • “Your life changes the moment you make a new, congruent, and committed decision.” Tony Robbins
  • “Every day brings new choices.” Martha Beck
  • “Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make makes you.” John C. Maxwell
  • There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them.” Denis Waitley
  • “The 3 C’s of life: Choices, Chances, Changes. You must make a choice to take a chance or your life never change.”

The choices we make determine our future, according to Catherine Pulsifer and SUCCESS.

Tony Robbins advises to make a decision consciously, carefully, and powerfully.

Choices Quotes

Catherine Pulsifer emphasizes that life presents many choices, and the choices we make determine our future.

Mark Manson advises to be brutally honest about one’s behavior to oneself to make better choices.

Andrew Ryan’s quote, “We all make choices, but in the end our choices make us,” suggests that we all make choices, but in the end, our choices make us. Great Expectations suggests choosing self-esteem over self-pity and listening to one’s inner voice instead of random opinions from others.

Inspiring quotes about choices that change your life

1. “We have good security. It’s hard to get in here. Barring a tactical entry where terrorists come in and hold us hostage, that’s about the only thing that could possibly warrant me carrying a gun in the clubhouse. That’s highly unlikely, and I admit that. But my personal belief is I don’t want to suffer from the poor choices of others.” — Luke Scott

2. “I think it is important to be fearless in life. I have always made fearless choices. Some have worked; the others haven’t.” — Vivek Oberoi

3. “When you’re someone who cares about making a difference in the world, and you have resources to do that, you have literally hundreds of choices you could make about how to do that.” — J. B. Pritzker

Inspiring quotes about choices that change your life

4. “Your whole childhood is just absent of choices. And then you become an adult, and every choice you make, you open some doors and close others.” — Maya Hawke

5. “Through the marginalization of black fathers and encouragement of destruction lifestyle choices, the progressive Left has cut off one of the lifelines to raising healthy, happy, children intent on bettering themselves and their community.” — David A. Clarke, Jr.

Top Quotes About Making Choices

6. “I like writing about big turning points, where professional and personal lives coalesce, where the boundaries are coming down, and you’re faced with a set of choices which will change life forever.” — Tana French

7. “Every day I have many choices to make about who I want to be.” — Amanda Lindhout

Top Quotes About Making Choices

8. “By overhauling current rules and speeding the entry of competitors in the market, we encourage competition and provide our constituents with new choices and cheaper bills.” — Melissa Bean

9. “I have really focused on mindfulness. That helps me make better choices both physically, psychologically, and emotionally.” — Kathy Bates

10. “Sometimes its controversy, but we all have our choices that we make.” — Solomon Burke

Quotes About Choices In Life

11. “If you are in a band like my brother, Rudolf, who is in the Scorpions, then you have a kind of umbrella and you cover each other. You have five people to discuss things with and you are all in the same boat, and therefore make much wiser choices.” — Michael Schenker

12. “What I’m interested in is how your career choices can affect your private life, romantically or with your mom, your relatives, your friends, your hometown, and how media manipulates information – not newspapers or blogs, but the magazines that people impulse-buy that tell you what’s hot and who’s not.” — Xavier Dolan

Quotes About Choices In Life

13. “Media companies’ hit-focused marketing did not emerge in a vacuum. It reflects how consumers make choices. The truth is that consumers prefer blockbusters.” — Anita Elberse

14. “Life is rife with frustrations, jealousies and, on occasion, an overwhelming sense of its injustices, but it’s a big mistake to let such negative sentiments rule our lives and dictate choices.” — Mariella Frostrup

15. “To prepare adequately for the challenge of global warming, we must acknowledge both the good and the bad that it will bring. If our starting point is to prove that Armageddon is on its way, we will not consider all of the evidence, and will not identify the smartest policy choices.” — Bjorn Lomborg

It’s All About Choices Quotes

16. “In film, I think that you do have a little more time to invest in the character compared to television, where you are shooting from the hip and making quick choices. It is the speed of things that is the major difference – certainly in my experience.” — Henry Ian Cusick

17. “Most of all I don’t want to be bored. That’s why I’d rather do something that has some sort of ambition, that risks failing, rather than make safer, more comfortable choices.” — Steve Coogan

It's All About Choices Quotes

18. “Sticking to your values, listening to your instincts, making your own choices is so important.” — Brittany Murphy

19. “We are people in circumstances who make choices that we think are right at the time.” — Joel Edgerton

20. “I think we too often make choices based on the safety of cynicism, and what we’re lead to is a life not fully lived. Cynicism is fear, and it’s worse than fear – it’s active disengagement.” — Ken Burns

Quotes About Choices And Decisions

21. “What I really wanted to do was take this character and go beneath the veneer of Lucifer. Underneath it all, there was a guy who was a hurt soul and rejected from his father. How that played upon his choices was kind of interesting, but also it’s going inside a shell of someone who doesn’t know what an emotion is.” — Tom Ellis

22. “You know, back in acting school they always teach you, ‘Make bold choices and look for activities that are interesting.’” — Mickey Rourke

23. “A man or woman can be known and respected for good taste, regardless of job or income level, if they make good choices in clothes, have good table manners, are kind and organize their home to look warm, welcoming, clean, and appropriate to their station in life.” — Letitia Baldrige

24. “If you’re big at school, you’ve really got two choices. You’re going to be a target. If you go to school, and you’re me, you go, ‘Right – I’m just going to make myself a bigger target. My confidence, it will terrify them.’ That’s how I felt in school.” — James Corden

25. “If consumers make better choices, the marketplace will change.” — Mike Huckabee

Best Quotes About Choices And Success

26. “It’s about players making choices as they play, and then dealing with the consequences of those choices. It’s about you telling your story, not me telling mine. It’s about you.” — Warren Spector

27. “Cate Blanchett. Judi Dench. Helen Mirren. Everything about them. Even their fashion choices. They’re so with it and cool and women I admire. They take chances. They’re chameleons. Everything that they do. They’re also amazing mothers.” — Lily Collins

Best Quotes About Choices And Success

28. “No one has a right to comment on anyone’s life or the choices I do or don’t make.” — Kate Winslet

29. “Tough times call for tough choices and pinching every penny.” — John Hickenlooper

30. “I do believe that being in public office is all about making choices. And if I’m president, I would steer this nation in a direction where we embrace progressive values.” — Julian Castro

Motivational quotes about choices and sayings

31. “The ’80s weren’t perfect and people made some questionable fashion choices but in terms of music and movies, it was revolutionary and wonderful.” — Shannon Purser

32. “I always say as a celebrity you have two choices – you can be a celebrity, or you can be a role model. You can choose to just go to parties and do the red carpets and all that, or you can choose to be an example to these people.” — Amber Riley

33. “You don’t choose what you believe moment to moment, but choices you have made do shape what you come to believe.” — Julian Baggini

34. “I’m from Oklahoma City, and there’s a statue across from the site of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building of Jesus. It’s called ‘Jesus Wept.’ And I love this statue because it’s a statue of Jesus with his head in his hand. And his sadness and his pain at some of the choices that are made here – that just breaks his heart.” — Holly Hunter

35. “In short, Google prefers a world where we consistently go to three restaurants to a world where our choices are impossible to predict.” — Evgeny Morozov

Famous Quotes About Choices

36. “Our choices are quite different: what attracts Salman and Shah Rukh are, I think, quite different from what attracts me. So in that sense, we are quite different, but I think we are fortunate to have had the kind of success that we’ve had.” — Aamir Khan

37. “What I think we need to do to engage the American people in a conversation about entitlement reform is to have a bipartisan group of people who come together and put every solution on the table, every alternative on the table. And then we ought to engage in a long conversation with the American people so they understand the choices.” — Carly Fiorina

Famous Quotes About Choices

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38. “We see and hear and otherwise experience very largely as we do because the language habits of our community predispose certain choices of interpretation.” — Edward Sapir

39. “I mean, artistic processes are all about making choices all the time, and the very act of making a choice is the distilling down and the getting to the core of what it is that you care about and what you want to say, really.” — Mike Leigh

40. “Women should have choices, and women should feel good in what they wear.” — Phoebe Philo

Famous choices quotes on decisions to inspire be yourself

41. “You are the sum total of the choices you make every day.” — Brit Marling

42. “It’s good to give seniors more choices and more options, let them choose a plan that’s best for them and target assistance to the lowest income people.” — John Sununu

43. “Our goal should be to develop work-life policies that enable people to put their gender values into practice. So let’s stop arguing about the hard choices women make and help more women and men avoid such hard choices.” — Stephanie Coontz

44. “Growing older has helped me become empathetic to other people and their reasons for making choices. I used to think there was a definitive right and wrong and that only I knew what they were and so I should be dictator of the world.” — Sara Pascoe

45. “In the military, and in business, the most elite and effective teams I’ve seen or been part of are filled with individuals who take responsibility for their choices. Life is a series of decisions that you make and actions you take, not a series of things that happen to you.” — Chris Fussell

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