100 Happy Durga Puja Wishes, Messages and Quotes

Durga Puja is the most important event for Bengali Hindus in Bangladesh and India. This festival has a very different way of having fun. Both countries have national holidays, and people come home to celebrate this wonderful festival with their friends and family. This is a great time to visit your friends and family. To say good-bye to this puja, you need some wishes and messages that you can share with your friends on Facebook. That’s why we’ve put up Durga Puja Wishes and Messages for you to look at.

In this long post, we will talk about all of the different types of wishes and messages that can be made and sent. To make your Puja party easier, read this post. Don’t worry about making your wish lines and quotes look good, though. It’s enough for you to have these ready-made wishes. These are different, well-written, and new. This is where you will find some really beautiful examples of writing. We update our data every month.

Happy Durga Puja Wishes and Messages

It is a very good practice to send wishes and messages on any occasion. As we know Durga Puja is the biggest celebration among the Hindus in Bangladesh and West Bengal, then we decided to provide some sample wishes so that anyone can find these Durga Puja Wishes to wish their friends and family. So take a look at these wishes, you can send them over text messages.

Happy Durga Puja! I hope this puja will come with lots of fun and beautiful moments in your life. The celebration will be amazing with all the friends and family. You are invited to my house.

Maa Durga has blessed us for the entire year. Now it’s time to celebrate her glory. This Puja is all about the win of good over evil. May Maa Durga brings lots of happiness in everyone’s life.

Happy Durga Puja Wishes and Messages

I hope this Puja will come with lots of happiness and blessings in your life. You will be happy forever. I pray to God for your good health and wealth, Happy Durga Puja.

Happy Durga Puja! Sending lots of love and warm wishes for you in this Pooja. I hope you will have a good time with your friends and family.

May Goddess Durga brings lots of fun and happiness in your life.

You are lucky that you are spending this Puja with me. We are going to have lots of fun. Happy Durga Puja!

This year, Durga Ma will come with lots of happiness and joy in your life. May you live long and stay healthy always. I wish your family stays amazing always. Enjoy your Puja.

I am sending all the good wishes to you and your family on this beautiful Durga Puja, Happy Durga Puja to you all.

Durga Puja Invitation Messages

On the occasion of Durga Puja, friends and relatives are invited. So in this time of modernism, it has been based on social media to invite people. That’s why you need some beautiful Durga Puja invitation messages. We are providing some beautiful examples here with you. We are sure, you will love these. If you want to invite anyone, simply copy and send the texts.

Cordially invite you and your family to attend the 5-day celebration of Durga Puja in (Place Name). We hope that it will be a beautiful moment for you and us.

Your attendance in our home will be very special for us. We hope that you will join us in the 5-day celebration of Durga Puja in our house. It is going to be one of the most exciting and amazing celebrations.

Sharodiya Shubhechha Messages

I want to invite your entire family to the celebration of Durga Puja in our house. This year, we have planned something big and you will love it. I hope you will be here with your family too.

Hey, I hope you are passing an amazing Durga Puja this year. We are expecting you to visit our home as soon as possible. We miss you!

Happy Durga Puja to you and your entire family. May God gives you good health and blessings on this special day. I wish to have you in my place at the time of the celebration. It will be amazing for both of us. I hope we will enjoy ourselves together.

Durga Puja Wishes for Girlfriend and Boyfriend

In a celebration like Durga Puja, we need to be with your love of life. That could be your girlfriend or boyfriend. This day is very special and you need to express your love for your lover in this day. How can you do that? You can pick a romantic line and send it as a text message. Here are some Durga Puja Wishes for GF and BF so that you can wish easily.

Hey baby, wishing you an amazing time with your family in this Durga Puja. I wish Ma Durga will wipe all the sadness from your life and will bring happiness only.

I am so lucky to have you in my life in this Puja. I wish to spend all the Durga Puja with you. This Puja will bring lots of happiness to your life.

I wish that Maa Durga will protect you from all the bad energy and keep you healthy always.

I want to make this Puja most entertaining for you. I wish you lots of good luck in your future. I love you much, honey.

Spending Puja with you is extra fun for me. This is a very good moment in my life. I hope Maa Durga will bless us to live long together for the rest of our lives.

I am so grateful to Maa Durga because she has sent you in my life. I am looking forward to celebrating this Puja with you. We will have lots of fun and we will make this celebration memorable.

May this Puja comes as a good sign for your life. I wish you will have a great time with your friends and family. I will miss you so much at the time of the celebration. Thanks for being on my life, honey. I love you so much.

Durga Puja Wishes for Wife and Husband

Don’t forget to wish your wife or your husband. You need different types of wishes for this. We have got tons of ideas and thought to share a few with you. Here are some wishes for the wife and husband in Durga Puja.

Happy Durga Puja, take lots of love from me. I am going to spend this Puja with the most beautiful wife in the world. I am lucky to have you in my life.

May this Puja brings lots of love in our life. I know you love me so much and I love you too. You make my every Puja very special with all your presence there.

I am so lucky to have a caring wife like you. You have done amazing work on the color and design of our home. This Puja is going to be more colorful and amazing.

The journey of life has been wonderful with you. I know we will live amazingly for the rest of our lives together. I want to let you know in this Puja, that I love you so much.

My Puja would be meaningless if you were not there. I love you so much, dear.

You are the one who has changed the meaning of my life. Now I am a mature and better person than before. All these have been possible just because of your presence in my life, Happy Durga Puja.

When you are with me, I need nothing to enjoy the Durga Puja.

Sharodiya Shubhechha Messages

In Bangla Language, the wish of Durga Puja is called Sharodiya Shubhechha. So we are adding some Sharodiya Shubhechha Messages here for you. These messages are basically mixed with Bengali and English. I hope you will love them.

Wishing Sharodiya Shubhechha to all the people around the world. I wish all of your life will be full of love and happiness in this Puja.

Durga Puja Invitation Messages

Don’t forget to help your poor neighbor to celebrate the Puja. By doing this, you will be able to get lots of blessings from Ma Durga. I have lots of Sharodiya Shubhechha for you.

Take my Sharodiya Shubhechha. I hope this puja will be very special and full of enjoyment for you. Have a good time.

Durga Puja Messages in Bengali

This festival is dedicated to Bengali people in Bangladesh and India. That’s why it is important to send some Bengali wishes. That’s why we thought to share some Bengali Durga Puja Wishes too with you.

Puja Manei Schoole Bajlo Ghonta, Puja Elei Chelebelar Paloye Fere Monta.

Puja Manei Ma Durgar Osur Nidhon Pala, Onjoli ar Prosad Petam Pujar Dupur Bela.

Puja Manei Notun Jama Notun Notun Saj, Alpona ar Takur Dalan Daker Sajer Kaj.

Puja Mane Pujar Kodin Sob Kaj Bondho, Puja Manei Sat Sokale Sheuly Fuler Gondho

Durga Puja Wishes and Greetings for Friends

Friends are a very important part of our life. When we come to celebrate Durga Puja, they come the best companion of us. We spend most of our time with them. So it is highly important to wish them a beautiful line. That’s why we have provided these Durga Puja Messages for Friends. I am sure you will love these wishes and will share with your friend.

May Maa Durga gives you the power and energy to fight against all the bad things in your life. I wish your success and progress on this special day. Happy Durga Puja!

Puja becomes more enjoyable when there is a friend like you with me. I am wishing your health, wealth and prosperity in life.

May this Durga Puja becomes the best celebration of your life. Wishing you and your family a very good time ahead. I hope everyone will be happy and healthy with the blessings of Maa Durga.

Happy Durga Puja! Let’s make this Puja memorable with a huge celebration. I have a plan to prepare a dance for the final day. I hope you will support me and will your best to be my partner.

I wish this puja comes with lots of blessings and happiness in all of our lives. It will make the entire world beautiful and full of love. Maa Durga is amazing and she will guide us to the route of positivity, Happy Durga Puja!

I am sure you will spend an amazing Durga Puja with lots of parties and drinks. I wish your good health and good luck in this Puja. Happy Durga Puja!

This Puja could be a very good day to set some life goals and go for it. Enjoy your Puja at your best.

May you have lots of fun and happiness in your life, happy Durga Puja to you.

Durga Puja Wishes for Family | Brother, Sister, Father, and Mother

Family is the most important part of our life. We have to spend the Durga Puja occasion with them. So it is highly important to wish them with proper words. That’s why we thought to share some Durga Puja Messages with you that you can use to wish your family members. These wishes are suitable for sending your parents, siblings or another member of your family. I am sure they will love these wishes.

I hope Maa Durga will make things easier for us to live a happy life with all the family members. This year Maa Durga is coming with lots of blessings and happiness for us.

I always pray to Ma, for your better health.

I am so happy that Maa Durga has blessed me with this beautiful family.

I am so lucky to have a brother like you. I am looking forward to enjoying the entire occasion with lots of fun and enjoy Happy Durga Puja.

Durga Puja is like a family reunion for us. All of our family members come together on this day. That is almost impossible at the time of other celebrations.

Spending Durga Puja with my mother is the best experience for me. I can’t miss the delicious dishes that you prepare in the time of Puja. Sending you lots of love and happiness in this Puja, Mom. Pray for me and give me a blessing.

I always feel amazing to become a part of this beautiful family. My parents, my siblings and the uncles, aunts are amazing here. I am looking forward to enjoying the Durga Puja with all of you. This will be an amazing celebration.

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