110 Saint Thomas Aquinas Quotes and Sayings

Saint Thomas Aquinas Quotes and Sayings

Thomas Aquinas was a distinguished Italian Catholic sought-after priest, Doctor of the Faith, and Dominican friar. Death Antonius Heineck was also a very illustrious jurist, philosopher, and theologian, and was also renowned as Doctor Communis and Doctor Angelicus. He was regarded as the first defender of an Aristotelian (or “Premissivist”) conception of natural theology. Philosophy’s Aristotle is often considered to be the founder of Thomism for his argument that justification is located in the Almighty. Aquinas refers to Aristotle as “the Philosopher” due to the various metaphysical concepts which he accepted, and preferred several occasions of self-reflection. The Eucharistic hymns from Aquinas are part of the liturgy for the Catholic church.

We also gathered some notable quotes and sayings by Thomas Aquinas, which has been compiled from his books, essays, opinions, philosophies, lectures, preaching, and life. From the work of Thomas Aquinas, take out any reflections and mantras.

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Saint Thomas Aquinas Quotes

#1. “God is never angry for his own sake. He gets upset for us.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#2. “If man were not the master of his own acts, so orders, prohibitions, rests, commitments, and so forth, would be of very little value.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

110 Saint Thomas Aquinas Quotes and Sayings | thomas aquinas quotes, thomas aquinas,  law quotes

#3. “It is not acceptable that human society is humanely flawless such that it can have those who dedicate their lives to contemplation.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#4. “A music is an exultation of the mind which is dwelling on everlasting things and is breaking out the inaudible tone.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

110 Saint Thomas Aquinas Quotes and Sayings | Thomas aquinas quotes,  Calm quotes, Quote

#5. “Be wise to the person who only has one book.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#6. “Nothing which implies some kind of inconsistency falls under God’s absolute omnipotence.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

110 Saint Thomas Aquinas Quotes and Sayings | Thomas aquinas  quotes, Thomas aquinas, Saint quotes

#7. “We must face the fact that injustice is the worst of sins, but also that depression is the most dangerous. Hopelessness will lead you to think not for yourself nor about others.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#8. “The subconscious only perceives reality as it learns about it. What is evident from Augustine is that.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

110 Saint Thomas Aquinas Quotes and Sayings | Thomas aquinas quotes, Saint quotes catholic,  Catholic quotes

#9. “It is utterly important to state that charity will in no way occur together with mortal sin.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#10. “The presence of a prime mover, an unmoved mover- nothing will move; there must be a first mover. The first mover is called God in this business.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

110 Saint Thomas Aquinas Quotes and Sayings | Saint quotes catholic, Eucharist, Saint quotes

#11. “I have paid a certain ransom for my soul. For the love of Thee, I have read and studied, read and studied, read and studied, read and studied.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#12. “The thing is, the items we keep in our hands should be familiar to all of us so that if you’re in need, you should not hesitate to use them promptly.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

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#13. “The stuff that we enjoy are symbols of our true self.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#14. “Please give me, O Lord of Heaven, a mind to know, a heart to search, a knowledge to seek you, conduct pleasing in your eyes, faithful perseverance in waiting for you, and a desire for that, at last, I will eventually meet you. Yeah, thanks!” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#15. “Rather than delude yourself with the idea that the perceived difference of contradictions between constructed coherent subjects has an empirical reality empyreal of some sort.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#16. “The analysis of Philosophy is not because we can understand what people think, but to understand what is valid about the way things function.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#17. “Sorrow may be alleviated by resting and washing, taking a bath, and drinking a bottle of wine.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#18. “Men tend to live according to how they feel rather than how they think.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#19. “A want is the need to have information.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#20. “Since philosophy is engendered in awe, a philosopher, particularly one who specializes in philosophy, is also bound to have a great love for poetic fables and myths. Poets and philosophers are alike in that they are large of wonder.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#21. “They exist amid the billions of stars, but all they need is a decided war in their minds over which they will fight, and then they go to war.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#22. “In the lack of any proof, religion provides certain individuals with the right to believe regardless of the evidence.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#23. “Rather than being defined what compassion is, I would rather experience it. I will like to treat a patient with dignity, without thinking about their own benefit.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#24. “When asked, seldom confirm, seldom refuse, often discern.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#25. “Love depends on intelligence.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#26. “In a planet of order there must be a first mover, above all, and this is the one we call Heaven.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#27. “If the truth of Christ’s teachings are ever being very ridiculed, so it is not long before those who cling to them will become way beyond the basic truth, whoever is not blessed with the requisite science learning.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#28. “Obedience to God changes us and in a sense transforms us into Jesus Christ so that we have no other will but to be faithful to Jesus Christ. If loyalty is absent, even the prayer of praise, the Lord said, is not enough.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#29. “The greatest gift that anyone can give to another person is the gift of helping them to discover the truth. .” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#30. “Happiness is a good achieved through one’s own efforts and won through virtue. .” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#31. “Most men tend to make decisions/choices based on what they see. ” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#32. “Beware the professor who reads only one book. .” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#33. “The aim of this relaxation is through playful words and actions. Therefore, it is prudent and virtuous to use such things now and then. (13th century AD)” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#34. “[from Aquinas] To convert somebody goes and takes them by the hand and guides them.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#35. “The things we love are a reflection of our true self. ” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#36. “The highest level of life is where an individual regulates its own actions. A being which is subject to the path of another may be said to be somewhat dead or alive.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#37. “Fear is such a powerful emotion that it will drive out of our hearts anything that it distracts us from. St .” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#38. “Wonder is the desire for knowledge. .” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#39. “eleven To a life well-lived, work well done. ” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#40. “There is nothing better than true friendship. ” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#41. “Better to convey a distinct truth, rather than merely to create one. ” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#42. “Obedience unites us closer to God, motivating us to become God so that our will is nothing but His.’ .” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#43. “Three things are necessary to man’s salvation: first, to believe what he must, next, to desire what he must, lastly, to do what he should. ” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#44. “An individual does not think of his material possessions as his own but like a collective resource intended to be shared when others are in need.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#45. “Knowledge leaves off where Love begins. ” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#46. “In the social system all men are equal in liberty, but not in other characteristics.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#47. “Of all the pursuits open to men, the search for wisdom is most sublime, more enriching, more profitable and happier. .” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#48. “Because of the diverse conditions of humans, it happens that some acts are virtuous to some people, as appropriate and suitable to them, while the same acts are immoral for others, as inappropriate to them. .” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#49. “Law has the power to compel, and without that, the ability to order will be worthless.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#50. “Though one who has confidence wants no clarification, ‘ When one is without confidence, no reason is possible.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#51. “Justice is a certain rectitude of mind whereby one acts as one ought to act in the circumstances confronting him. St. .” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#52. “Temperance is a moral virtue that moderates the passion and binds one’s desires. .” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#53. “The greatest enjoyment comes from friendships, and without them, even the most agreeable activities can become tedious. ” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#54. “I would rather feel compassion than have a better grasp of its meaning. I will expect to act with compassion and without ulterior motives.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#55. “It is requisite for our happiness that we make use of both playful and humorous activities. .” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#56. “Hope is about future things and faith is about things that are the unknown. ” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#57. “Mercy without justice is cruelty (Aquinas); Justice without mercy is cruelty (Aquinas).” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#58. “The first act of courage is enduring and enduring even in the face of danger. ” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#59. “We must love both those who would disagree with us and those who would agree with us, for both have worked toward discovering the truth, and both have contributed to our discovery. .” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#60. “Therefore, man cannot live without spiritual joy. Therefore, when a man is deprived of spiritual joys, he must turn to carnal pleasures. This was the opinion of .” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#61. “If the highest purpose of a captain is to keep his ship afloat, he would never set out.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#62. “Law; a regulation of reason for the common good, made by someone who has control of the community. .” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#63. “There is no way to completely comprehend it at once. We must begin by believing in God, then we can be persuaded by the proof for God’s validity.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#64. “We cannot yet have a total understanding of all of the truth, but some of our work provides us with knowledge. To begin, we must believe, and after believing we can be led on to becoming a master of the proof-based theories.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#65. “If you want to have an enjoyable time in life, you need to have friends, not just friends, but friends that you will be content with.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#66. “Three things must be sought in man to save him from the state of sin: to know what one ought to believe, to know what one ought to be desirous of, and to know what one ought to do.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#67. “In this life, the people with happy personalities need mates.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#68. “Confidence might have to do with what you do not see, and hope has to do with things that are not yet in your possession.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#69. “If you are religious, not having to justify why is good. To those who do not have faith, no reason is possible.” – Saint Thomas Aquinas.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas Quotes

#70. “Be wary of the sole source of all knowledge, that is Aristotle’s “Nicomachean Ethics”.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#71. “There is nothing in the world more precious than real, true mates. Thomas Aquinas – Teacher; Saint – Quotemaker.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#72. “We would love them all, the patient’s who may agree with the examiners who work with you, and the patient’s who may not agree. Both have worked hard to discover the truth, and both have had hard work helping the examiners to find it. Even though the ones who disagree; may disagree with the examiners, both have still worked hard to find the truth.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#73. “Fear is such a dominant emotion and one that ultimately overpowers the mind. We must keep rational thinking coming from a clear conscience to stand firm in the face of great adversity.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#74. “The soul is like an uninhabited planet, a world of light that comes to existence only when God comes to live inside us.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#75. “It is not stealing, correctly speaking, to take secretly and use another’s property in a case of serious need: for that which he takes for the support of his life becomes his own property by way of that need” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#76. “As Augustine notes (De Moribus Eccl. 6), “If you cannot follow something that leads to something else, you cannot make progress. And if you can not make progress, you can not live a good life. If you can live a good life, you can save yourself from eternal damnation.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#77. “Mercy alone is no longer enough for us today. But justice alone is senseless as injustice.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas Quotes

#78. “If your quest for your meaning in life, taking Part of you is Christ, since he is the One who is the meaning of you.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#79. “To enjoy their blessedness to its full extent, the saints are required to witness the punishment of the damned in hell. They can’t see it, but they can also sense the pain.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#80. “Affirming the need for peace within oneself or among others, it shows a person to be a follower of God.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#81. “There would not be the same likeness of God in the cosmos if all objects were created of precisely the same sort and degree.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#82. “The blessed in heaven will feel the punishments of hell and learn how to become much better because they will realize how already satisfied the damned are.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#83. “Thus the sun which is surrounded by light completely can carry out its own purpose of enlightening whereas light-emitting moons such as the moon which is imperfectly formed can only use borrowed light.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#84. “Both men are given the same innate rights and liberties, but not in the same places.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#85. “Awareness depends on the mode of the knower; for what is learned is in the knower according to the calculation of the mode of the knower.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas Quotes

#86. “In the West, we can speculate that, because our knowledge on the nature of a fly is so weak, no philosopher could fully comprehend the functions of even a single one.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#87. “The Stone is one, the Medicine is one, into which we add nothing, only in the preparation removing the superfluity (the indication of desire).” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#88. “The truth can only be arrived at through thinking, as known by the Catholic thinker Augustine.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#89. “In the old law, God was praised both with musical instruments and with human voices. However, to avoid accusing the Law of Judaizing, the Church has decided not to use musical instruments to praise God.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#90. “It’s easier to illuminate than just to glow. So that you illuminate, which is more than just flash.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#91. “Justice without mercy leads to cruelty; mercy without justice leads to dissolution.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#92. “Friendship makes you feel like you are part of your friend.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#93. “Temperance is simply the disposition of the mind which resists unnecessary desires induced by the passion.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#94. “All things are uncertain, except what we have believed.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#95. “Remember that what you shun in others is also what draws you. Shun certain things that you find dear or that you are addicted to. And do so like you will shun the plague.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#96. “Reason is a wonderful work of man much like the Moral Deity.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#97. “However, a deep, unwavering faith believes.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#98. “The expression “humble and reverent worship” means that honor is granted to God and individuals of great quality, as a symbol of attestation of excellence already existing.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#99. “In this way of thought, it has been the trend to speak about yoga, and to pose as a mystic, and—need it to be said? Many who speak the most on certain topics are those who have very little in the way of factual information or knowledge.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas Quotes

#100. “Pipes should be only be used with a student’s hands. They are not to be used for teaching nor are any mechanical musical instruments. Instead, anything that makes the hearer pleasant should be used.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#101. “Given the means and time, all choices should be based on envisioning the furthest possibilities that inevitably bring in all resources to their ends.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas

#102. “For the ability to acquire a slight amount of awareness of the highest things is more desirable than the ability to gain a very definite knowledge of what we are somehow sure of as the lowest things.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas Quotes

#103. “Further, no other vice, no sin, no matter how much you despise it, is a sin to a good human. Yet war is also opposed to peace.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas


Saint Thomas Aquinas
Born: 1225, Roccasecca, Italy
Died: March 7, 1274, Abbazia di Fossanova, Fossanova Abbey, Italy
Education: University of Paris (1245–1248), University of Naples Federico II (1239–1245)
Influenced by: Augustine of Hippo, Aristotle, Plato, Socrates

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