45 Inspiring Quotes About reflection That Change Your Life

Inspiring quotes about reflection that change your life
How are you thinking about reflection yourself? By considering yourself, you express your emotions and feelings to realize why you act the way you do. Understanding and managing your emotions and feelings is one way you can change your actions and accomplish your goals.

Inspiring quotes about reflection that change your life

1. “Fashion and beauty is a reflection of what’s on the inside. And if you’re genuine, they match up. The core of who you are will be the same.” — Michelle Carter

2. “Popular culture is simply a reflection of what the majority seems to want.” — Victor Davis Hanson

reflection quotes about life

reflection quotes about life

3. “I found that gloss paint suited me entirely, and its qualities still intrigue me. It’s viscous and fluid and feels like a pool. It’s highly reflective, which means there are layers of looking. You look at the picture, and you look at the surface, then you look at the reflection in the surface behind you, then you look at yourself.” — Gary Hume

4. “The Amateur Marriage grew out of the reflection that of all the opportunities to show differences in character, surely an unhappy marriage must be the richest.” — Anne Tyler

5. “’Welcome to the Dollhouse’ is great. Even though it’s about a girl in middle school, to me, that feels like the most honest reflection of what being a kid around that age feels like.” — Jon Watts

6. “Humanity was created in the image of God; our love is a reflection of his.” — Meir Soloveichik

7. “Sexual living is a reflection of God’s love for us. It has two key qualities, which is faithfulness and creativity of new life.” — Vincent Nichols

reflection quotes for work

reflection quotes for work

8. “The public properly relies upon FDA classification of drugs as nonprescription as a reflection of the agency’s judgment regarding the safety and proper use of a drug without a doctor’s prescription.” — Loretta Lynch

9. “I think the way you dress is a direct reflection out of what you will get out of your day; you make the effort, people will notice. You’ll feel better, and those around you will feel better.” — Nick Wooster

10. “Terminator’ is a reflection of how the world is changing.” — Natalia Reyes

Motivational quotes about reflection and life sayings

11. “We spent a lot of time on that record with the sound and recorded it on the Paramount sound stage which is this huge room where the sound is reflected but the reflection is so late and comes from so far away that it doesn’t blur the music but gives you a room nonetheless.” — Leo Kottke

daily reflection quotes

daily reflection quotes

12. “I think dystopian futures are also a reflection of current fears.” — Lauren Oliver

13. “The velocity and knee-jerk response to events happening in real time that television brings us precludes any kind of reflection or contemplation and therefore analysis. And that’s been one of the greatest political dangers in the post-war era. The idea of the reasoned, thoughtful response goes out of the window.” — Bill Viola

14. “One of the hardest things I’ve encountered whilst working on ‘Pippin’ is the consistent irony, as a reflection from the core material of the show, within my own life.” — Matthew James Thomas

15. “I think lighting is a reflection of what is at stake emotionally in a movie.” — Rachel Morrison

16. “To doubt everything or to believe everything are two equally convenient solutions; both dispense with the necessity of reflection.” — Jerry Pournelle

17. “There was an existential moment – I don’t know if I want to call it crisis – when I turned 50 and I felt ‘this is interesting; how did this happen?’ It affected me in a way I wasn’t expecting. It made me pause for reflection.” — Bill Bailey

18. “I think that’s what a lot of writers do, create a totally fantastical scenario that is a reflection of something else going on in their life.” — Matt Bellamy

19. “The workings of the human heart are the profoundest mystery of the universe. One moment they make us despair of our kind, and the next we see in them the reflection of the divine image.” — Charles W. Chesnutt

20. “Hollywood has to be a better reflection of the world we live in.” — Mahershala Ali

Famous quotes on reflection to inspire be yourself

21. “I see guys who are in the gym all the time, but their bodies are not a reflection of that. They look the same from year to year, and that has to do with the fact that they’re not evaluating the effect of their efforts.” — Phil Heath

22. “It’s interesting because we live in a country where the obesity is so enormous. And then the reflection on the runways is girls that are so thin. So there’s two extremes that are almost like a reflection of themselves, and it’s very hard to be in the middle with girls that are just healthy.” — Nina Garcia

23. “For black Catholics, the papal visit is a time of anticipation but also a time of reflection on their difficult – but important – place within the Catholic Church in America.” — Anthea Butler

24. “The first time I made myself up, I was looking at my reflection in the mirror and it wasn’t me looking back. It allowed me to do things I couldn’t do as myself. I found out how powerful that was and how much that can mean to an actor.” — Rick Baker

25. “I really do feel now that the way I dress onstage and for work is a true reflection of my own sense of style as well.” — Rachel Stevens

26. “Work needs to be a reflection of your social values. You are how you work!” — Leigh Steinberg

27. “Our outward appearance is a reflection of what we are on the inside. Our lives reflect that for which we seek. And if with all our hearts we truly seek to know the Savior and to be more like Him, we shall be, for He is our divine, eternal Brother.” — Margaret D. Nadauld

28. “It’s definitely something that is a direct reflection in the mirror when you do a reality show. You can see what your flaws are and what you need to work on.” — Summer Rae

29. “We experience happiness as a series of pleasing moments. They come and go like clouds, unpredictable, fleeting, and without responsibility to our desires. Through honest self-work, reflection, and meditation, we begin to string more of these moments together, creating a web-like design of happiness that drapes around our lives.” — Tara Stiles

30. “For ‘Dragon Quest IX,’ one of the biggest things was being able to create your own character and your party members, too. The importance of it is that you can customize the face, the name, or something like that, so the party members are really a reflection of you. It becomes more of your own experience.” — Yuji Horii

Inspirational quotes about reflection motivation to success

31. “The idea of doing a buffer, sexier Riddler – I like that. I think he’s a reflection of Batman, and I think of him like a scary, evil Batman. Like Bruce Wayne without a conscience.” — Tom King

32. “For me, success is being happy. I used to think it was lots of houses, lots of record sales, lots of stories to tell. But some massive life changes, getting a divorce and my dad dying, led to a huge period of reflection.” — KT Tunstall

33. “My university teacher and mentor Kenneth Arrow remembers me as a student who asked good questions. Although I had not previously thought of myself in that way, on reflection I think that Arrow was right.” — Oliver E. Williamson

34. “The way I see it, the prize money is a reflection of my on-court performance, but the sponsorships are something more personal, connected more to people and fans, and to my values.” — John Isner

35. “When I was younger, I actually had a ghost face mask, and I stood in my sister’s room in the corner for, like, half an hour until she saw in the reflection, me behind her, and she freaked out and started slapping me.” — Rory Culkin

36. “Forgiveness is a very personal and intimate thing. Forgiveness is not something that you can speak for others because it includes not only your desire and will, your reflection and intellect, but also your emotions.” — Ingrid Betancourt

37. “Space is dark but, of course, when we’re on the sun side of the Earth, we’re in full illumination and we have all the reflection of the Earth below us, beautiful blue Earth and we’re in daylight. Only on the back side, opposite side of the sun, it seems like night to us, too.” — Kevin A. Ford

38. “I mean, Iceland is Iceland. It can’t do damage to anybody unless you’re Icelandic. But the United States can drag down the entire western economy. And I think what we are seeing is simply a reflection of reality. This is not, I’m sorry, but this is not a AAA nation.” — Mark Steyn

39. “A lot of time when you’re out injured is spent with internal reflection and kind of looking at yourself in the mirror and deciding who you want to be and where you fit in.” — Seth Rollins

40. “The only thing that’s a little tricky about it is sometimes people assume that if it’s a new song, it’s a reflection of what you’re feeling or going through now.” — Richard Marx

Best reflection quotes on Life and mirror sayings

41. “To a certain extent, people’s behavior in a campaign is generally a reflection of how they would act in office.” — John Hickenlooper

42. “The truth of the matter is movies are a reflection of life and violence is a real part of life. I don’t think you could make movies exclusively where there was no violence.” — Christopher McQuarrie

43. “Coming off ‘Reflection,’ what we really wanted to do was be more vulnerable.” — Ally Brooke

44. ”The world is a looking glass and gives back to every man the reflection of his own face.” – William Makepeace Thackeray

45. ”I visualize where I wanted to be, what kind of player I wanted to become.  I knew exactly where I wanted to go, and I focused on getting there.” – Michael Jordan

Which one of the reflection quotes do you like?

Reflection is described as serious thinking, a bad reflection; a picture of something in a mirror, or a reflection surface. May these quotes encourage you to focus on your goals and better yourself everyday.

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