45 Inspiring Quotes About Judging Others Life

inspiring quotes about judging others life

As the collection of Judging Others Quotes shows, nobody knows everything about everyone. It is unwise to judge what we do not know. Fyodor Dostoyevsky is one of Russia’s most well-known writers. Judgment is a central theme in much of writing. See more ideas about judgement quotes, quotes, inspirational quotes.

There are also two sides to a coin and a condition in pursuit of quotes for evaluating people in life. Open-mindedness and empathy will make you become a happier individual. So take aside the anger and seek to consider what the other individual is doing. 40 motivational quotes on judging life with others

Judging Quotes

1. “My hope is that I will take the good from my experiences and extrapolate them further into areas with which I am unfamiliar. I simply do not know exactly what that difference will be in my judging. But I accept there will be some based on my gender and my Latina heritage.” — Sonia Sotomayor

2. “But an experienced reader is also a self-aware and critical reader. I can’t remember ever reading a story without judging it.” — Hilary Mantel

3. “Judging a child taking his first steps for not being able to run a marathon is shortsighted.” — Tyler Winklevoss

4. “A long time ago I started talking into a balloon so I could feel myself talking, to practice judging volume, and compare it to other musicians.” — Mandy Harvey

5. “Luckily, I have two of the coolest parents around. They’re so open about having any and all experiences, so they never hindered us in any way by categorizing or judging anything.” — John Krasinski

6. “I grew up with a strong set of values – and one was never judging someone by how much money they had.” — Henry Paulson

7. “When I set out to write ‘I’m Judging You,’ I wanted to create something that was both timely and timeless. But I didn’t know how timely this book would be until we, the people of the United States, elected a walking Cheeto to the highest office in the land on November 8, 2016.” — Luvvie Ajayi

8. “Judging from the experience of the European War, imperialism renders no great benefit to any nation, whereas liberty for all nationalities is the only principle by which humanity will ever be saved.” — Sun Yat-sen

9. “It’s really hard to see yourself and to recognize that you are a human being like everybody else. You just think everybody’s judging you.” — Brie Larson

10. “I never want to be in that stage where a band ends up playing state fairs and casinos. I am not willing to go out shooting up Botox and eating corn dogs while judging pig contests.” — Al Jourgensen

Inspiring Quotes About Judging

11. “I catch myself judging myself as that 13-year-old boy, who, of course, rightfully points out that he is only a child. And my membership – well, I was drafted into the Waffen-SS and didn’t exactly volunteer, which was just as idiotic. I wanted to be on the submarines and then ended up with the Waffen-SS.” — Gunter Grass

12. “I had this notion that everyone was staring at me and judging everything about me, from my appearance to the way I talk and everything.” — Ricky Williams

13. “Maybe at some level, even at an early age, without ever being aware of it, I was reacting to something. To people judging me based on how I looked instead of what I could do.” — Christian McCaffrey

14. “It’s a very complex sport, so judging is going to be very complex, too. And not everyone is going to agree all the time on who wins a fight.” — Chuck Liddell

15. “It is well, when judging a friend, to remember that he is judging you with the same godlike and superior impartiality.” — Arnold Bennett

16. “Those ‘Pledge’ records did well for me, and they’re the foundation that this Killer Mike is built on, but I was judging myself on physical sales and didn’t understand that music sales were declining overall.” — Killer Mike

17. “Sometimes we are much better at judging people based on how they treat everyone other than ourselves. We make a million excuses for why they treat us how they do.” — Emily V. Gordon

18. “Judging by informal observation, most young Americans burn up their spare time buffing their emotional IQ and self-esteem with social media and non-stop texting. That’s great for eye-thumb coordination, but what about the satisfaction of actually making something?” — Seth Shostak

19. “It’s up to God to do the judging. You haven’t walked in my boots, so how are you going to judge me?” — Aaron Neville

20. “At one time in my life, I stood in queues for ‘Indian Idol’ auditions, and I got eliminated at Top 8 or Top 9. I could have never imagined that one day I will be judging this show where I was a contestant myself.” — Neha Kakkar

21. “I think it has been a weird mistake to have people with their own music careers going on and judging people because when they’re too critical, it affects them. They don’t want to be that honest, because they need to keep their appearance up.” — Neil Patrick Harris

22. “Once you’re playing someone, you shouldn’t be judging them in any way. That’s what being an actor is – it’s having empathy for people that are different from yourself. Once you’ve committed to that person, your responsibility is to tell that story.” — Felicity Jones

23. “For those whose exclusive norm of constitutional judging is merely fair reading of language applied to facts objectively viewed, ‘Brown’ must either be flat-out wrong or a very mystifying decision.” — David Souter

24. “I think the process is one of using the camera and sound in the way a detective uses a magnifying glass: to find the clues. They’re discovery devices, not performance devices – you’re watching things the way a cat does. You’re not judging. You’re there to witness something.” — D. A. Pennebaker

25. “A lot of authors, judging by their list, will put anything out that they finish… That’s the worst model I’ve heard of in my life. It’s just idiotic. Why wouldn’t you just wait for the good ones?” — Patrick deWitt

26. “I don’t know when acting came to be more about awards than about the work. Judging who’s better than the other person shouldn’t be part of why we’re doing this job. It should be about entertaining people.” — Anna Paquin

27. “If R. Akiva was perhaps overly generous in judging his generation, it can perhaps be ascribed to the belief, based on his own experience, that everyone is capable of a dramatic life change.” — Meir Soloveichik

28. “When I got to the stage, it was like a release, you know what I mean? Because it was like, ‘Oh, people like me. People like me. They’re listening to what I have to say. They’re not judging me on how I look; they’re judging me on what I’m saying.’ So to me, that’s what’s worth it, and that’s what comedians have.” — Jay Pharoah

29. “On one level, of course, the notion of judging films or books or music against each other is completely ridiculous. Who’s to say ’12 Years A Slave’ is a better film than ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’? Or that one album in a certain genre is better than another in a completely different genre?” — John Niven

30. “I met my darling wife Wilnelia in 1980 when we were on the judging panel for the Miss World contest at the Royal Albert Hall. With two ex-wives and five daughters, I thought I wouldn’t be involved with anyone for a long time – if ever. Winnie was so gorgeous, my jaw dropped – and it’s a big jaw to drop.” — Bruce Forsyth

31. “George W. Bush, judging by his repeated invocations, thinks that time will eventually prove that he was right. He is not alone in putting his faith in the future.” — Margaret MacMillan

32. “We need to accept that consumption is not the end goal of our life and stop measuring our well-being simply on the basis of earnings. We need to explicitly take the quality of our work-related life into account in judging our well-being.” — Ha-Joon Chang

33. “I have increasingly steeled myself to criticism, but it still can sting, especially when you feel that it is unfair – or that they are judging my book by its cover or by preconceived notions.” — Emily Giffin

34. “No one could have ever prepared me for the whole world judging me and comparing me to other artists.” — Tones and I

35. “Judging is a lonely job in which a man is, as near as may be, an island entire.” — Abe Fortas

36. “I prefer men who are queer. Not gay men, but queer men – guys with an open mind. Bisexual men, because they’re able to understand the different elements of the body without judging that I don’t conform to a certain ideal.” — Hari Nef

37. “Trump considers himself such a virile example of masculinity that he’s qualified to serve as the ultimate arbiter of femininity. He relishes judging women on the basis of their looks, which he seems to believe amounts to the sum of their character.” — Franklin Foer

38. “One of the reasons it is considered such a privilege to sit on a Man Booker jury is because it is famously rigorous. The judging is not a gig for lightweights. Not only are all five judges expected to have read all 155 books from beginning to end, but they have to be able to talk fluently about every book at length.” — Amanda Foreman

39. “The U.S. State Department has a consistent record of error in the assessment of Asian situations and judging Red Chinese intentions.” — Ferdinand Marcos

40. “Judging on ‘The Voice’ or the ‘X Factor UK’ would be great; that would be ideal, really. But I don’t think it’s going to happen.” — Ronan Keating

41. “I want to make sure there are no gatekeepers at the AG’s door, and that anybody in the Department – they may have to come relatively late in the evening, just judging by the schedules to date – but if somebody has suggestions for how to make this a better department, that they know I am available.” — Janet Reno

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