45 Inspiring Quotes about Exercise That Change Your Life

inspiring quotes about exercise that change your life
If you are like me, so you need a real push to keep your inspiration in the gym, click through to read some of our pictures of the best inspirational phrases to encourage you to wear some nice workout gear. Exercise is described as a physical exercise you do to keep your body safe and solid. Are these greatest exercise quotes and suggest that you do every day so that you can lead a safe existence. Top 45 Motivational fitness quotes that improve your life And encourage you to lead the best life.

Inspiring quotes about exercise that change your life

1. “I try and work out as much as I can because when you exercise, it releases endorphins and makes you feel really good. I also make sure I schedule time with my friends, family, and loved ones because I realize that, as well as your physical well-being, you have to look out for your mental well-being, too.” — Philomena Kwao

2. “The greater the power, the greater the responsibility in its exercise.” — Kapil Sibal

Best life quotes about exercise and mental health

3. “It’s an intuitive exercise to do a Shakespeare play and to go through a Shakespeare play.” — Mark Rylance

4. “I have to make sure I exercise and that the ingredients that go into my body are completely organic.” — Janice Dickinson

5. “Doing exercise without monitoring yourself will be rare in the future of wearable technology.” — Astro Teller

6. “Running is a way for me to relax. With one hour of intense running, I can get a lot of physical exercises. I can relax my body. I feel the tension in my muscles when I don’t run. In that sense, I need to get out a few times a week in order to do my work as a scientist, which involves a lot of sitting still.” — Wolfgang Ketterle

7. “You can exercise anytime, anywhere. It doesn’t have to be in the gym.” — Katarina Johnson-Thompson

Inspiring quotes about exercise for life and strength

8. “In youth, we get plenty of exercise through games and running around, but as middle life approaches, we settle down, literally and figuratively.” — Gene Tunney

9. “Exercise your purchasing power as a consumer, volunteer and bring joy to those in need, and share your experiences, tell your stories, and inspire others along the way.” — Blake Mycoskie

10. “If your aim is to give practical, sensible advice about losing weight – and not how to drop a stone in five days – you should encourage reasonable expectations, instead of dangerous ones, along with exercise and healthy eating.” — Jo Swinson

Healthy lifestyle quotes about exercise and health

11. “The meteoric rise of the ‘wellness’ industry online has launched an entire industry of fitness celebrities on social media. Millions of followers embrace their regimens for diet and exercise, but increasingly, the drive for ‘wellness’ and ‘clean eating’ has become a stealthy cover for more dieting and deprivation.” — Rachel Simmons

12. “The art of medicine was to be properly learned only from its practice and its exercise.” — Thomas Sydenham

Positive exercise quotes about fitness for life and strength

13. “A year ago I had a back injury and followed a good nutrition program to help speed up my recovery. I focused on exercise and staying healthy in order to get back out on the ice.” — Sasha Cohen

14. “I have this exercise where I force myself to look out from the flower’s point of view at these great walloping humans coming down the path and try, just try and feel it from their point of view because it’s a different world to them, a fascinating hard one.” — Alice Oswald

15. “The right of conscience and private judgment is unalienable, and it is truly the interest of all mankind to unite themselves into one body for the liberty, free exercise, and unmolested enjoyment of this right.” — Ezra Stiles

16. “To me, it’s not necessarily about whom you vote for, it’s more about the fact that you go out and exercise that right. There’s a lot of people who fight for our right to vote and people in other countries fighting for other peoples’ right to vote and I think everyone should exercise that vote.” — Robert Griffin III

17. “I have this ridiculous exercise regime in the summer that I do not deviate from.” — Elin Hilderbrand

18. “The true exercise of freedom is – cannily and wisely and with grace – to move inside what space confines – and not seek to know what lies beyond and cannot be touched or tasted.” — A. S. Byatt

19. “A cultural shift is needed to incorporate exercise into our children’s daily lives.” — Darell Hammond

20. “The idea that you would not only exercise but that you would enjoy it is very difficult for me to understand. I just hate it.” — Jimmy Kimmel

Motivational healthy living quotes and healthy living sayings

21. “I exercise each day for three hours. I don’t get to visit the akhada every day since I keep traveling, but my training schedule incorporates the exercises that I used to do in the akhada.” — Sangram Singh

22. “The task of the media in a democracy is not to ease the path of those who govern, but to make life difficult for them by constant vigilance as to how they exercise the power they only hold in trust from the people.” — Jimmy Reid

23. “Fasting is, first and foremost, an exercise for identifying and managing adversity in all its forms. With faith, in full conscience, fasting calls women and men to an extra degree of self-awareness.” — Tariq Ramadan

24. “Writing for adults and writing for young people is really not that different. As a reporter, I have always tried to write as clearly and simply as possible. I like clean, unadorned writing. So writing for a younger audience was largely an exercise in making my prose even more clear and direct, and in avoiding complicated digressions.” — Serge Schmemann

25. “When I did ‘Dancing with the Stars’ I did lose an awful lot of weight and I think at the time everybody was sort of alarmed by it. You can eat anything and it is still dropping off you when you are doing that amount of exercise.” — Katherine Jenkins

26. “Reading is an exercise for learning how to write and vice versa. I have read myself into being a Christian, but I have also written myself into being a Christian.” — Stanley Hauerwas

27. “I began running on an everyday basis after I became a writer. As being a writer requires sitting at a desk for hours a day, without getting some exercise you’d quickly get out of shape and gain weight, I figured.” — Haruki Murakami

28. “Three mornings a week, I exercise before eating – it’s called ‘fasted cardio’ – to burn fat.” — Tim Howard

29. “I’m just trying to spread the word and upturn the myth that actually you should be resting after cancer treatment. You shouldn’t; you should be getting out and doing any kind of exercise you can. You don’t have to run a marathon, but you just have to up your activity levels.” — Jo Brand

30. “I exercise more for mental relaxation than anything else.” — Claire Danes

Inspiring quotes about exercise for life and strength

31. “When I was younger, I avoided exercise or anything strenuous. I didn’t even enjoy walking. As I got older, I spent so much time marking books or sitting at a desk writing that there was no room for exercise – not that I would have bothered anyway.” — Maeve Binchy

32. “Exercise tells your cells that you are alive. All bodies need oxygenation.” — Suzanne Somers

33. “It’s easy to fall into a funk and not want to exercise, or to really want that second piece of chocolate cake. I have to say, I fight against those feelings all year. But I try not to let myself sit in a rut like that.” — JoJo

34. “When I exercise, I need to connect to myself and see how I’m feeling at the moment because my mood is constantly changing.” — Kate Hudson

35. “I don’t care what size you are or how old you are – once you see the results brought to you by regular exercise, you’ll wonder how you survived without it.” — Rachel Nichols

36. “Speaking can be a lot like exercise: The more time you spend getting ready, the more you mentally build the task into something larger than it actually is.” — Lewis Howes

37. “I don’t have any plans to ever diet again, but exercising does help with life. Endorphins are real, and it’s annoying because I don’t like to exercise. I hate running, but I started weightlifting, like, 150 pounds, and it’s fun, and it makes me feel accomplished.” — Nicole Byer

38. “A State which has universal suffrage and a wide extension of the jury franchise must qualify the people by education to rightly exercise the great powers with which they are invested.” — Edmund Barton

39. “No, I don’t want to exercise all the time. I still despise it, not at all.” — Star Jones

40. “Nothing is harmful to literature except censorship, and that almost never stops literature going where it wants to go either because literature has a way of surpassing everything that blocks it and growing stronger for the exercise.” — Ali Smith

Positive exercise quotes about fitness for life and strength

41. “Exercise is roughly the only equivalent of a fountain of youth that exists today, and it’s free to everyone.” — S. Jay Olshansky

42. “I personally have to go to the gym for a solid workout in addition to my dancing days, and not because I think I need extra exercise, but because I know my body and it’s become an important part of my daily routine.” — Jenna Johnson

43. “Exercise, yoga, and systematic life definitely help you, but basically, you have to be happy.” — Sridevi

44. “I think of exercise as the father of the body and nutrition as the mother.” — Mandy Ingber

45. “I used to stay up all night, roam around, drink, and carry on like everybody else. That all changed when I got older, started to exercise and play golf. I knew by the time the day was over I would not feel like exercising, so I made it a point to exercise early.” — Johnny Mathis

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